Animals are a subject matter that came as a surprise to me.  Although I have spent much time on farms and ranches thanks to my father and grandfather, I never thought about painting animals, until I decided to attempt Azeotropism on a larger scale.  I used animals in these paintings to divide the canvas into spaces for color and texture.  They have given me a stage to experiment with the various concepts of Azeotropism on a grand scale.  

The Ghost Deer expresses the idea of walking through the forest knowing that deer are there even though you do not see them.  The Horse Warrior tells us of the part horses have played in our history of warfare imparting both human and equine characteristics.  Elizabeth Anfield: Abstract Animals
Ghost Deer
Red Bull
Horse Warrior
Sleeping Bull
Blue Bull
Creators of the Silk Road
Wild Mustang
Resting Camel
The Creators of the Silk Road remind us that it was the beasts of burden that actually created the Silk Road by continually trodding on human trails.  The bulls speak to us of both stubborn nature and soft underbellies.  Our animals might have quite a different life, but by living with us they begin to display characteristics which are typically human.  Domestic animals are easily recognized as being different by members of the wild kingdom.  The animals in this series of paintings are definitely caught between the wild world and the human world.

MEDIUM: All paintings are oil on Antwerp linen unless otherwise noted.