There is an unusual phenomenon that happens out west after a snow storm.  The next day is often bright and sunny and the snow sublimes up into the atmosphere giving the mountains the appearance of smoking peaks.  I find this phenomenon very enchanting.  It is easily captured in painting using the Azeotropism technique.  Only the upper most part of the peaks is seen in the painting and the sky becomes the main focus. Infused with a variety of subtle colors the sky becomes both serene and active depending on the distance the viewer is from the painting.  For me, this is exactly the true nature of sky.

MEDIUM: All paintings are oil on Antwerp linen unless otherwise noted. Elizabeth Anfield: Art of Sublimation
Springer Treetops
24” x 30”
Moonrise and Mountains
36” x 42”
The Subliming Mesa
24” x 29”
Double Peaks 24” x 30”
Wyoming Highway
22” x 30”
Triple Peaks
24” x 34”
The Lone Peaks
27” x 16”
The Red Route
22” x 32”