Elizabeth Anfield
Elizabeth Anfield has an astoundingly acute sense of color and painterly tone.  This singular quality places her among the ranks of the great painters of all time.  She seems to not only see color but to hear it as well, and this imbues her paintings with a truly musical quality.  She has a poetic vision.  The subjects which she explores are landscape, still life and the human figure.

Whether flowers or fruits or the buildings and towers and streets of cities, the forms which inhabit her work seem to rise, as though formed by the primordial materiality of paint.
In the history of western art the depiction of maternal love and attachment to the child is a long and well explored tradition.  Elizabeth Anfield explores a subject almost entirely absent in the history of art, that of the man and child.  In her paintings it is men who hold infants in their arms.  These are depictions of paternal responsibility, of paternal intimacy, tenderness, and profound love.    
                                                                                              -- Mikhail Turovsky

For information on availability and pricing of particular paintings and drawings, please contact the artist directly at: eanfield@gmail.com
“As absolute pitch defines a true musician so an absolute sense of color defines a true painter.” -- Mikhail Turovsky, Elizabeth Anfield: Portfolio of Azeotropism.              Bamburg
             Size: 28” x 20”
        Oil on Antwerp Linen